Open 24/7

Your site can take pre-orders, even before your restaurant opens for business. Your customers can place orders hours or even days in advance.

POS integration

Takeaway Tree integrates with existing POS solutions. If your solution is compatible, you will receive orders directly in it.

Standalone solution

Takeaway Tree can be used as a standalone solution thanks to software that allows you to receive orders in just a few seconds in your restaurant.

Online payment

Accept online payments, whatever bank you use. Alternatively, if you use PayPal, you can be up and running without even having to notify your bank.

Delivery areas

Choose the postal codes and streets to which you can deliver. Set the minimum order amount for each area.

Free Delivery

Increase the average basket by offering free delivery over a minimum order amount. Or offer free delivery for orders placed before a certain time.

Annual vacation

Schedule your leave or absences: your customers will be informed in advance and will thus benefit from a fully reliable service.

In case of an emergency…

You can deactivate the online ordering facility in just a click in the event of any unforeseeable event. Your customers will still have access to your site where they can stay informed.

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